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Society of Illustrators

Iaut‘m thrilled to be included in this years Annual of the Society with a institutional piece and a series of five illustrations in the Book category. The illustration I did for Bettermed to accompany an articl discussing Autism as the next step in evolution is on display right now. And I’m looking forward to see the series for Het Nieuwe Normaal (the New Normal) written by Jacques Pijls the  beginning of february when I will attent the opening night. You can see the series by clicking the link

University of Arts and Sience Luzerne

zwIn november I was happy to be invited to give  a lecture and a four day workshop on conceptual illustration at the University of Applied Arts in Lucerne, Switzerland. Students had an amazing working attitude especially given the fact that this is the view from their studio…. I had been a while since I did something like this and I must say, it tastes like more…


Red Dot Awards!!

Screen-Shot-2015-01-22-at-00.35.45Much to my surprise I got word that the series for DSH received three red dot awards, I didn’t even know we were in the mix. I guess this will be the end of the victory march of this series, it was selected by so many juries, I feel very proud and honred to receive all these acknowledgements and I will always treasure the process with AD Patricia Wetzel, It was a fun ride! Just to sum it all up: Art Directors club Germany (Silver and Bronze) EuroBest (Gold Award), Society of Illustrators, Red Dot Award, Computer Arts Annual, Archive’s 200 Best illustrators Worldwide.

3×3 ProShow

adaptNot as many as last year but still I got four pieces into the 3×3 Proshow! Besides that another four received an honorable mention.

So the winning pieces are Adaptive planning, an institutional illustration for Heijmans, Strings of my heart, advertising for the Agency Group, The future of Copyright, editorial for Slow Management and Conceptual illustration Magazine cover for 3×3.

the honorable mentions were for Cruizing, advertising for DSH, Fingers crossed, editorial for BHCC, I64 for 3×3 and How to design a winning company, Magazine cover for Strategy and Business

Workbook Cover

wbThe kind people at Workbook decided they wanted my work on the wrap around cover of their Spring Directory. I think it’s so cool. The design inside and out is really really nice. Thanks!


Last post reminds me that the illustration ‘Future of Copyright’ was also selected a winner by the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles. Unfortunately it wasn’t on the walls of the gallery because the framed artwork arrived heavily damaged in LA.

Computer Arts Illustration Annual

copyI’m always happy when someone advocates for the profession of illustration, I love the profession. I think illustration can contribute so much not only in terms of selling a product or illuminating a magazine. It can really help to get your message across, to engage people, to evoke a emotional or intellectual reaction, establish a visual identity and so on. So I was happy that Computer Arts contacted me with the news they would publish an illustration Annual nad asked if they could feature som of my work. By all means! Thank you so much! The series for das Deutsches Schauspielhaus was published as well as the ‘Future of Copyright’ done for Slow Management. Btw you can get your copy here, it’s nice!

spipIf only I had my way with words…. I would describe what I feel looking at this picture. I would find a better substitute for ‘proud’. Proud sounds to much like you think you’re good, you have accomplished something. It would be something more like a silent joy, afraid someone would come along and take it from you. Feeling blessed. Fortunate.
Last year I was invited by Johnny Bekaert for a group show tributing the famous comicbook character Spirou/Robbedoes who turned 75. Each illustrator was asked to contribute a fake bookcover.
I was both thrilled and terrified. The artist who made Spirou famous, Andre Franquin, is my hero, one of the reasons I wanted to become an artist myself. Especially his series of Gaston and Idées Noires are beyond comparison. One of the most vivid childhood memories I have, I must have been 8 yrs old or so, was the, for me devastating, dissapointment he did not show up at a comicbook fair for a signing session as he was suffering from depressions.
Anyway, trying to make a tribute would be nothing less then a blasphemy. I ended up with this image where Spip the squirrel, Spirou’s sidekick is taking over spirou’s identity. Not without coincidence my daughters, especially the oldest, happens to be fans of Spip.
About a month ago the publisher of the Spirou books, Dupuis, contacted me because they wanted to use my work, and some other works from the exhibition, for T-shirts for their employers to wear on a publishers convention. The honor! Part of the deal was they would make two in my daughters’ sizes.
So in this picture some of my favorite and most important things come together. This picture shows for a large part who I am. But I’m not half the illustrator nor half father I would like to be. So much to learn, so proud is not the right word. But I’m carefully glowing inside. I’m one lucky bastard

Acknowledgements for the 3×3 Cover

I posted before on the incredible honour to be featured in 3×3 magazine, on contemporary illustration. Charles Hively, publisher surprised me twice this year with the news that the cover was voted in the juried competitons of Applied Arts Annual and HOW’s International Design Awards. Oh and was chosen for American Illustration as well. Three times hurray! Oh and also a piece for DSH was also chosen for American Illustration!